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Using CBT to take back control from Anger, Anxiety and Depression

Discover the practical fundamentals of CBT and how it is used to reduce trauma and the impact of negative emotions.

In just 60 minutes, we'll cover:

  • The most common path that leads to anger, anxiety and depression and how you can avoid it 
  • How CBT is used to help people become more self aware to Triggers, Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours 
  • Simple CBT exercises you can do to challenge your thought processes and reduce self-inflicted trauma.

Includes: a private follow up call with Pat to discuss the material and how it can be applied to your unique circumstances.

Patrick Gavin is a MIACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist based in Mullingar, who specialises in CBT, anxiety and anger management. 

Patrick is also a lecturer with PCI College and has been teaching his own model of CBT to students and clients across Ireland since 2007.  

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Patrick is a full time therapist and coach based in Mullingar and can be contacted on (087) 7571091 or Mon – Fri 10am – 8pm or by visiting

We'll fully explain a number of powerful CBT principals and exercises, which in my experience as a counsellor, have had a massive impact on the day to day life of people suffering from trauma and out of control emotions. As a participant, you're also entitled to a follow up call with me to discuss applying these new skills to your unique set of circumstances.

Patrick Gavin MIACP, your workshop host.

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